Complement or enhance your internet connection with reliable 4G LTE wireless backup.

Network outages can mean lost sales, dissatisfied customers or worse in industries like public safety. Backup Internet and Failover solutions use our reliable 4G LTE wireless network to help keep your critical applications online and even support temporary work locations.
  • Reliability

    Failover solutions help you stay connected when wired connections are unavailable.

  • Cost control

    They also keep disruptions from causing lengthy downtimes that can impact sales and revenue.

  • Continuity

    Drive your critical communications reliably, even during a wireline outage.

  • Flexibility

    Deliver primary access to triage sites, branches, retail stores and banks. 

What are Failover Solutions, exactly?

Backup Internet and Failover solutions are built on our leading 4G LTE wireless network—covering more than 2.6 million square miles in the U.S. Their purpose is to detect and respond to internet outages that would otherwise interfere with your workflow. Whenever an outage is detected, your wireline network will automatically fail over to your wireless backup to power your critical communications.


Don’t be a sitting duck. Plan for the fail with Internet Failover.

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