Unify every aspect of your CRM and essential financial processes with FIG’s premier Certinia solutions.

With 20 years of experience in FinancialForce consulting, you can trust our team of experts to provide unmatched service and simplify your CRM.

Financial Management

Streamline your accounting processes with supported Certinia automations from PSA to ERP and OPI. Certinia’s Financial Planning & Analysis (FPA) also provides premier forecasting capabilities to keep your business on track.

Subscription and Usage

With Subscription and Usage Billing, you’ll have a single location across the board to track metrics without the inconvenience of various source locations. Even with the unique locations for each of your products and subscriptions, Billing Central provides a single source for smooth operations.

CPQ Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with comprehensive and efficient estimates for your Configure, Price & Quote system.

Revenue Management

Take advantage of recognition and forecasting tools to ensure a variety of compliance thresholds and manage your revenue as your business continues to grow.

Customer Success

Leverage the power of CS management with an integration between Sales and Services, and Customer Success to ensure you’re providing a smooth and streamlined customer experience.

Tableau CRM Analytics

Power your business data and leverage your insights with Salesforce Tableau CRM in tandem with Certinia. When it comes down to making informed decisions, auotmatically analyze your data and implement the best possible CRM strategies.