Imagine what it would be like to instantly have a world-class IT team working for you with predictable costs.  That’s what you get with FigSolutions.  Instantly gain access to the technology that can increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences – along with the experts to manage it and keep your data secure and protected.

FigSolutions MSPs deliver helpdesk services so that your internal team can focus on more strategic activities with your customers.

Our Helpdesk is designed to deliver a premium helpdesk experience at a price to meet your budget. We provide support for multi vendor client systems and installation, moves, changes, deskside support & software support. Our goal to provide quick, no-escalation required resolutions, and a personalized experience.

Whether you outsource your entire IT function, or need more expert hands and tools to support your existing team, we can help.


Click above for more information on keeping your workstations protected and operational during internet outages.


Security threats are exploding. Malware, phishing, ransomware, wire fraud, and security breaches are just some of the threats faced by every modern organization. Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets. That’s why organizations need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity.  Different types of threats require different security solutions. The Logically Security Suite allows you to instantly add the security layers that are right for your business.

Our Security Suite is perfect for businesses that…

  • Don’t have in-house security expertise

  • Rely on legacy security solutions that don’t protect against evolving threats

  • Have increasingly tight privacy and regulatory compliance requirements


Our team handles all aspects of your firewall, routers, switches, wireless and SSL VPN appliances including:

  • Support – Configuration and implementation support

  • Monitoring – Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats

  • Troubleshooting – Resolution of connectivity issues and broken applications

  • Updates – Device management and upgrades

  • Reporting – Weekly firewall activity reports


Management and optimization of your digital marketing channels, including remarketing, advertising, SEO, and UI and meta copy.

Ensure you stay ahead of the competition with FIG’s robust keyword research services, as well as advertising management with your preferred channel.

  • Google Ads

  • Social Media advertising (LinkedIn, Meta)

  • Microsoft Advertising

  • SEMrush


  • Yoast SEO